Known Egg Donor Update #11 – Egg Retrieval Day

Update #11 – July 13, 2014

We made it:

After almost a year of consideration, planning, appointments, birth control pills, lawyers, shots, and emotional roller coasters…we made it. Because the retrieval was just yesterday I don’t really have the metal capacity to truly explain how I’m feeling right now, or what I’m thinking, other than that I am so honored and blessed to be apart of something so beautiful. Continue reading →

Known Egg Donor Update #10 – It’s happening!!!!

Update #10 – July 11, 2014

Current News:

We are a go!!!! After two weeks I have finally gotten some great news. Up until now it’s been, “You’re not responding as well as we’d like”, “For how young you are you should have more follicles”, “There still is a chance things could be cancelled”, and to be honest, it was really taxing to get good news and then rotten news after every phone call. Continue reading →

Egg Donor Q&A with my Recipient

It’s not often when you can talk to, ask questions to, or interact with both the egg donor AND  egg donor recipient so both Lisa and I really wanted to be as open and honest about everything as possible. We knew that there would be tons of questions about this process since it’s not talked about openly all the time, and what better way to answer them than together in a video.

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