What I’ve realized during my last decade of being a parent…

Photo: Ava & Mommy 2006
Being a parent is a no win situation.
No matter what people think you’re doing it wrong.
Don’t dress nice and doll yourself up and you’ve let yourself go.
Doll yourself up and take care of your body and face and you’re either accused of trying too hard, faking it, or not spending enough time, or money on your kids.
Discipline your kids in public and you’re a mean parent who just needs to, “let your kids be kids”.
Don’t discipline them and you’re a parent who doesn’t care about your kids and receive dozens of dirty looks when your, “spoiled kids” tantrum in the aisle of a grocery store.
Take a kid out who tantrums and you’re looked at with nasty glares and are thought of as a disruption to anyone and everyone around you.
Don’t take your kids out and stay at home most of the time and be accused of not taking your kids out more and socializing them properly.
Be a working mom and be made to feel guilty because you aren’t putting your kid first, or spending enough time with them.
Stay at home and be thought of as being lazy, unmotivated, dumb, and/or a gold digger.
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