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CoverBoo Couture

Last month I received something in the mail that I instantly fell in love with. While searching the great vast internet for unique and multi purpose nursing covers, I came across a video for a nursing scarf by a company called CoverBoo Couture. I had never heard of a nursing scarf before, but I’m obsessed with scarves and I will be nursing soon enough. After watching the video I became obsessed. I needed to know more about this cover, how I could get one, and needed to find a way to share it with you all. After contacting the creator Maria who makes them herself, I explained my fascination with her product and my want to review it. She graciously offered to send me one to review and a few weeks later the beautiful accessory showed up at my door.

I know I say this a lot, but I love this cover. Here is why:

  • I love the light weight, wrinkle free chiffon fabric that mine is made of.
  • I love how WELL the scarf is made.
  • I love the fact that it’s offered in different fabrics so there’s all sorts of variety in style, and material to choose from.
  • I love that it is a super cute scarf when you don’t want to use it as a cover.
  • I love that it transitions easily and quickly to a nursing cover that stays in place.
  • I love that if I don’t want to use it as a scarf, I can ball it up into a small space in my purse or diaper bag, or tie it around the strap of a shoulder bag as a cute accessory as well.
  • I love that it is affordable.
  • I love that I can wear it now even though I’m still pregnant, which also means I can wear it after I’m done nursing as well.
  • And I love that it is a fellow momma who makes them and created them!

My one dislike is now I want to buy one to match every outfit I own…though maybe I can compromise with myself and just get a more neutral scarf to match most of my outfits…or maybe not . 😉

I love this scarf and the woman who makes them is so awesome! She is Canadian based so high five to all my Canadian followers and friends, and she sells her scarves in various shops in her area. To purchase her scarves online, you can check out her website at where she always seems to have new styles up to suit even the pickiest person. You can also like her Facebook and follow her Twitter for her “daily dibs” where she posts her newest creations and sells them on a first come first serve basis! I myself stalk her page for updates to drool over her fabulous new colors and fabrics, which is how I came across the one she sent me :) I absolutely adore my new scarf, and I’m so excited to be able to nurse with it. I’ve already worn it out and have had tons of compliments on it, and when it’s not in use I’ve found a place to hang it in plain view, because honestly it’s just too pretty to hide.

* I want to say a big thank you to Maria for her beautiful creations and for sharing this wonderful cover with me. I was sent this product for free for my honest opinion and was not paid for this review, or my video. If you or your company would like a review done, please contact me directly at *

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