Reasons To Have Kids – #4

Reason # 4

You can pass your childhood things down to them

My dad saves everything. Not like in a hoarding kind of way, but in a “well we might need that again some day” kind of way. I used to not understand this way of thinking. I hate clutter, I hate feeling cluttered, and unless I am very emotionally attached to something, it’s usually replaceable in my mind. I’m glad my dad is this way though.

Being an avid cyclist one of the last things my dad would get rid of is a good bike that still works. My dad kept the bike that I learned how to ride on when I was a child. Ok, ok, yes I know that it is big, but in my defense I grew really early (and stopped soon after), and being the youngest of four, I really had to rely on a curb and a slight hill to teach me to ride a two-wheeler. NO I’m not saying my parents neglected me and didn’t teach me, I’m just saying that…ok, maybe I wasn’t the quickest learner, or easiest to teach…ANYWAYS.

Over the past two years Sundays have become a family day for us. We seem to end up at my parents for lunch and then hang out most of the day afterwards. I love it. It is my favorite part of my weekends. Yesterday my husband wanted to tune his bike up and clean it for the season so he brought it over to use some of my dad’s tools. While out in the garage my dad and husband ended up hauling my old bike down from the attic and not only repairing and tuning it, but cleaning it and readjusting it for my daughter to use. Though skeptical at first (lets just say it wasn’t a brand new bike when I got it, remember, youngest of four) I came out to see the finished product.

I was amazed. All of a sudden I could remember kicking off of the curb almost 20 years ago and feeling so proud to have finally not fallen over, but instead peddling up and down our street. Flash back after flash back of all the memories I had with the bike just kept streaming through my head. I ran into my first car with that bike…again, not the quickest learner, OR the most attentive back then. It was perfect.

Not only was it awesome to see my husband and my father doing “manly” stuff together, but it was warming to see how excited both my dad and my husband were that they had restored my old bike to its former glory for A. My daughter comes home tomorrow from her dad’s. I can’t wait for her to hop on  my old bike and hurt herself as many times as I did when I first learned. I hope for her sake that she is a faster learner than I, and I hope for my husband’s sake that he is more patient than me right now :)  I am so excited to have her own her bike, especially because it used to be mine. I am so pumped for next spring and summer when all three kids will either be riding on their own, or will be towed behind J and I to the park, or on our Saturday family bike rides. It’s going to be amazing.


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